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==Registrator Acreditat EURid Belgia Domenii .Eu ==
==Registrator Acreditat EURid Belgia Domenii .Eu ==
[[image:Portofoliu_EuroDomenii.gif|left|Portofoliu EuroDomenii]]
[[image:Portofoliu_EuroDomenii.gif|left|Portofoliu EuroDomenii]]

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Registrator Acreditat EURid Belgia Domenii .Eu

Portofoliu EuroDomenii
EURid- The European Registry of Internet Domain Names

International recognition - EURid News Archive

Partener Acreditat RoTLD Domenii .Ro

RoTLD-Romania Top Level Domain;RNC-Romanian National Computer NetWork

Articole in Presa





EuroDomenii- .Eu .Ro Accredited Registrar

EuroDomenii- The only one Romanian .Eu Registrar providing complex branding legal protection for Romanian Companies during .Eu SunRise

Special case:

  • The Romanian Leader and international famous lingerie company ( .
  • They have an European TradeMark Jolidon, but the owner is JOLIDON IMPORT EXPORT s.r.l., from Romania. This is the reason why PWC Belgium rejected the application of another registrar for on 08/12/2005. They invoked an none existing French trademark.With our advice, they successfully registered the domain with EuroDomenii claiming Companyname / Tradename / Business Identifiers for the French company.Source: , Enter the code as it is shown on the left and click SunRise

Other Important Romanian Customers: LandRush

Parteneri externi

Pagini Favorite Srl LTD UK

Pagini Favorite Srl LTD UK
  • This Company is legally registered with Companies House UK, and the status is active
  • The shareholder is Pagini Favorite Srl Romania
  • During the period when Romania was not eligible .EU( until 1st January 2007), EuroDomenii provided registration services for Romanian companies, with legal guarantees of the transfer of the .eu domains from Pagini Favorite SRL Ltd to the legal owner after Romania would join European Union.
  • See Portofolio for further details

Keesom & Hendriks N.V. –TradeMark Agency Haga

Keesom & Hendriks N.V. –TradeMark Agency Haga
  • Our professional, experienced and high qualified partner from Den Haag, Netherlands.
  • Keesom & Hendriks is a company incorporated by Royal Decree of May 23rd, 1907, No 44 and, after the Articles had been altered to meet the circumstances of the case, has been primarily devoted to Trade Mark practice ever since 1975, though it started in 1965 as a translation office.
  • Drs P H M Keesom, OStJ, FCIL, FRSA
    • Benelux and European Trade Mark and Design Attorney (BMM) (OHIM No.1816)
    • sworn and certified broker of Trade Marks and Designs (SKO No. R. 18582)
    • sworn translator and interpreter, permanently registered in the Quality Register Interpreters and Translators of the Ministry of **Justice (KTV registration No. 713) Fellow Chartered Institute of Linguists
    • Knight 6th grade in the Order of Orange-Nassau
    • Officer of the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem (UK)
  • Example: Intellectual protection of internet domain names by SunRise .eu application valided by Price WaterHouseCoopers based of Benelux TradeMark Mobexpert
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